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November has become synonymous with raising awareness of men's mental health with initiatives such as Movember playing a huge role.

The figures only show the reported cases so we don't have a true picture of how many men in the UK are affected by issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, panic disorder and more. What we can do is recognise these very real issues and provide practical and emotional support. 


Men get told, in the most well-intentioned way to talk about their concerns but, of course, it's just not that straightforward, especially if talking is difficult and the subject matter is emotional and personal.

Through this platform I will gather together useful resources which will grow over time and build a valuable library. We're just starting our archive so please ask for help if you can't find what you need - or book some time with me. I provide gentle help for males of all ages - from children, young people and men throughout the life stages.


useful links

recommended reading

Man Down - a guide for men on mental health

by Charlie Hoare

Man Alive - the health problems men face and how to fix them

by Dr Jeff Foster

Time to Talk 

by Alex Holmes

Boys Don't Cry

by Tim Grayburn

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