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Affecting all ages, anxiety is a term that covers an enormous range of feelings, from mild worry and unease to all-consuming terrors and panic attacks.


However anxiety affects your life it is incredibly real and something we can help with. Stemming from our primal fight or flight mechanism, anxiety is usually in response to specific triggers.


What is important to understand is that constant, life-impacting anxiety isn't something you should ignore or try and live with. Anxiety is complex but can be worked through with varying degrees of management success.

Overwhelm is more specific and identifies specific times of our lives when we need to recognise the feeling of overwhelm. Together we can work out where it stems from, if it's linked with other mental illness symptoms and how it can be managed for a more comfortable life. 

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by Kirk Teachout


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by Chase Hill and Scott Sharp

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 by Rasha Barrage

The Age of Overwhelm

 by Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky

The Highly Sensitive Young Adult

 by Jordan T Beckett

It's About You Too

 by Tracy Whitmore

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