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"The greatest discomfort for autistic people can be the social one. For me, I was confused by the way people behaved."

Chris Packham

Autism presents in many ways and at different levels. It is believed to affect 700,000 adults and children in the UK. It's important to know that autism is not an illness and is not something to be 'cured'. Sometimes people with autism simply might need help with certain things. 

Dr Zoe Cross is a clinical psychologist and qualified in diagnosing and supporting people with autism and particularly focuses on autism in children. She has invested in the training and materials needed to understand autism in your child and is able to diagnose and create a support package within one month, from appointment. Sadly, the vastly over-subscribed NHS has very long waiting lists for autism diagnosis and support (currently Derby - 3 years, Manchester - 4 years).


The benefit of diagnosis is that you are better able to live with autism if you understand its effects and can manage them more effectively as a result. What's more, for a child, a diagnosis will be hugely helpful as part of an EHCP plan within their school setting. Gaining a true understanding of the specific aspects of autism you are living with can come as a relief - both to the person with autism for their mental well-being and also those around them. Helping a child with autism means they will be able to recognise and celebrate their differences, ultimately be more comfortable, anticipate triggers and know how to deal with them. 

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