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Low self-esteem isn't a mental health illness but it is closely linked with our mental health. Lacking in confidence or disliking certain things about ourselves isn't uncommon and usually these types of feelings come and go. 

Self-esteem can be defined as some or all of the following: feeling worthless, constantly finding things to blame yourself about, worrying or feeling unable to do things you need to or would like to do, even using strong words such as feeling as though you hate yourself.


In business terms it can feel like 'imposter syndrome' when you question your ability to do things as expected.

Sometimes, feelings of self-esteem can plague us throughout our entire lives. When they affect your daily life it's time to explore them and work out ways in which you can find support or ways of approaching things differently.

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by Todd Eden and El Dave


Overcoming Low Self-Esteem with Mindfulness by Deborah Ward

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(Teenage Toolkit)

by Alison Reid-Larade

Self Esteem

 by Matthew MCKay PhD

Good Vibes, Good Life
by Vex King

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

by Nathaniel Branden

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