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Having a baby is a big deal and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! It's normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed but when those feelings grow, take root and feel like they aren't getting any better, it might be time to seek some help. Plenty of new mums (and dads) brave it out for as long as they can because feeling low or unable to cope isn't something we are encouraged to admit. 

Take some time to explore the resources listed below but most importantly consider sharing your feelings in a safe place, free from judgement and be in the company of others who can empathise and help you through. Contact me to take the first step towards feeling like yourself again and getting through this difficult time. It's brave and absolutely OK to be honest and seek support, you are not alone.


Young Moms

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recommended reading

Not the only nne

by Rachel Mason

How to help someone with Post Natal Depression

by Dr Jenn Cooper

Fine (not fine)

by Emma Jane Unsworth

Feelings after birth

by Heather Welford

At the Park
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